Texarkana to Chicago

Yesterday we had a chance to go to church at First Presbyterian Church, Texarkana, AR. It was Youth Sunday, and we really enjoyed the service. We had an opportunity to say hello and goodbye to the Cogbills, the McClerkins, the Moores, John Calhoun, Mark Richards, the Halls and lots more folks. It was fun to see them.
We went to lunch with Betty and Keith at the Italian Garden – a locally owned and operated restaurant in Texarkana. After lunch, we went back to Betty’s and washed all our clothes and repacked for Chicago. Betty and Keith took us to the train station, and we caught the Amtrak. It was right on time pulling out of the station at 8:50 pm.
As soon as we got upstairs into our roomettes, Tony, our steward, came and hustled us to the diner for dinner. We didn’t think we were hungry, but I polished off a steak and Big Al devoured a lovely piece of salmon.
We finished off dinner and went back to our compartments. By the time we got to Little Rock we were in bed and off to dreamland.
The crew had to come through our car from their quarters to the dining room, so the chatter in the hall woke us up about 6:00 am, so we got up, dressed and headed for breakfast. We got to St Louis before we finished, and then the train headed out through the fields.

Lots of neat little family farms. Because of the work being done on the high-speed rail line, we skipped all the stations between St Louis and Chicago.

Before we knew it, the Chicago skyline was visible out the window.

Ray met us and whisked us away to his taxi driver Sonnie who sees that he gets where he going. The G8 Conference was just breaking up when we arrived at Union Station, but Sonnie managed to avoid the really awful traffic downtown and get us down to our motel, about 30 miles south of downtown near where Ray’s woman friend lives.
We got our rental car from Enterprise and then met Kathy (aka Kitty) and her daughter Katie for dinner.



We had dinner at Northwoods Hearty Home Cooking. Wonderful food, but away too much of it.

After supper we came back to the motel. I sat down to write the post and Big Al fell asleep watching TV. I’m not far behind. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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