Gentle traveling

On Memorial Day we spent the whole day just sitting and visiting. Anne fixed us a great breakfast of sausage biscuits and cinnamon rolls, and then, we just sat on the porch and rocked and caught up on family news.

Jeff went out to ride around on his tractor and “make hay”, and we tried to figure out what this bug was.

Then we chatted some more and looked at pictures of our families until it was time for lunch.

After lunch we Anne and I drove down to her daughter’s house to feed the cats and let the dog out.

Anna, Anne’s #2 daughter lives in an updated log cabin on the farm.

Big Al and I actually stayed in #1 daughter Ellen’s house. Anne and Jeff have five (or maybe more) farms, and a real estate rental business renting out farm houses on many of the farms. As a matter of fact, Anna works for them and is the property manager for the rental houses. She was at the beach for the holiday weekend, and we didn’t get a chance to see her. Ellen and her baby live in Nashville and just come to the farm occasionally, and they were in California attending a class reunion, so we didn’t get to see them either.
Anne and Jeff run a few head of cattle on their farm which Jeff says has been over-farmed for so many years that the only thing that will grow there is hay.

While Anne and I were feeding the cats, some of the cows came down to see us. Lily, the donkey, also came down. Lily is there to keep the coyotes from bothering the new-born calves. Anne says she’s not sure whether Lily has ever chased a coyote, but she sure does chase the lab and the German Shepherd away. They are terrified of her.
When we got back from seeing to the dog and cats, it was too hot to sit on the porch, so we sat in the house under the air conditioning and talked some more.
For supper we went into town to Dickson’s great little Mexican restaurant. Really good Mexican food, and very inexpensive. During the day, I had suggested that Al and I drive the northern part of the Natchez Trace, and Jeff found a brochure he had telling all about it, and what to look for at each mile marker. We thought it would be much more pleasant to potter along with almost zero traffic at 50 miles an hour rather than cope with white-knuckle driving and 18-wheelers.
We got on the road in good time (before 9:00) on Tuesday morning, and met up with the Trace about 15 miles from Anne and Jeff’s house. We stopped to look at an old tobacco barn and ride on a short section of the old trace.

The sign was right, there were some spectacular views from the old single track lane.

Because we were traveling at a much slower speed, Big Al wouldn’t let me stop and read all the historic signs. But we did stop to look at the monument to Merriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame.

I was unaware that he died in Tennessee. I guess if I had thought about it I would have said he died in Oregon or something.

From what we could tell he “met his end” at a road house on his way to deliver diaries and other papers from the expedition to Washington.

The third time we stopped in the morning was to take a picture of the Tennessee/Alabama state line.

I decided if I could have a picture with on foot in Arkansas and one foot on Texas, I could do the same thing for Tennessee and Alabama.

We had lunch in Tupelo, and then realized that we would have to keep on trucking if we were to get to Covington by dark. The afternoon was spent just riding along on the trace, enjoying the scenery and the peaceful surroundings.
We left the trace in Jackson, MS, and joined I-55. We made good time on it, and rolled into Covington about 8:30.
Today we have spent doing the wash and doing a little shopping. After we went to lunch (great recommendation for Cafe Rani, Erika) we went to Target and got some socks for Big Al, a bath mat for the tub (many motel bathtubs have their non-skid surface worn away), and a new ice chest. Our old ice chest (new when we came back from England in 1982) had finally lost its stopper and it leaked a little on the seat of the car. We got it dried out, but decided it was time to put the poor ice chest to rest.
Now we’re repacking and waiting for Bill, Erika, and the kids to get back from Baton Rouge. Nice lazy day, and a good way to travel.

2 thoughts on “Gentle traveling

  1. Delighted to see Carr Farms on the blog! We had such a wonderful time being with you both. Wishing continued safe travels as the Watters complete their journey “out of Dallas and into retirement” Love, Anne


  2. The death of Merriweather Lewis is an early conspiracy. Some say he was carrying the proof of some scandal. It is said he was murdered in his sleep many hours after the tavern brawl that is listed as the cause of death. His body was never recovered and some say it is not Lewis’ body in his tomb.


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