Posted by: abbiewatters | June 3, 2012

Relaxing time in South Louisiana

When Bill, Erika and the kids got home from Baton Rouge we found out Miss Kate had a “wonderful” case of strep. She didn’t feel good while they were in Red Stick and so Erika took her to the Doc in a Box, they did a throat culture and, sure enough, she had strep.
Thursday, we invited the kids over to the motel to use the pool, but Kate was still feeling punk and just about the time Ian got in the pool, a storm blew up, complete with thunder and lightning, so he didn’t get to swim much either.
The kids stayed with us in the room, Kate watching cartoons, lying on the couch, and Ian playing with his PSII (I think). When Bill got back from work we all went to supper at McAllisters.
Ian is in summer school brushing up on a few subjects to pass the LEAP (standardized test). Kate was still not feeling good, but her Mama had to work, so she came over to the motel and spent the day with us.

Bill only had a half day to work on Friday, so he came over and we went to look at the house they are building. They are making good progress on it, and it should be ready to move in to when they close on it the 20th of July. Keep your fingers crossed that they don’t have a hurricane before they can get off the lake front.

It looks like it will be a really comfortable house, and there’s wild land just behind them so they will still feel like they are in the country.
We went to dinner and Erika was able to get off in time to join us. Miss Kate was still feeing punk, even though she has never has much, if any fever, and had been on antibiotics for three days. She asked if she could sleep on the couch in our room instead of going home, probably because the kids in her neighborhood keep coming to the door and asking I’d she can play, even though they know she’s sick.
She was a little better on Saturday, and she decided she felt well enough to go to her other grandmother’s company picnic. Big Al and I were left to our own devices for lunch so we went to a little Thai place we had spotted. We also took advantage of the time to get the car washed, and do the wash and get packed for our departure on Sunday morning.
When we got the first two packs packed and into the car, we went to another housing development by the same builder, and we’re able to see a house just like the kids’ that was finished.

Bill is so proud of it. I’m so pleased that they will finally have a house of their own.

Today we decided to go over to the bottom half of the Natchez Trace on our way to Bossier City for the night. The Horseshoe Casino had sent me a free night, so we decided to take advantage of that savings, and we knew we would have to pass somewhere near there anyway on the way to Oklahoma City to catch Rt 66.

Even though we had already seen this part of the Trace, it is a lovely, relaxing drive through dappled sunshine at 50 mph, with virtually no traffic. We got into Vicksburg about 2 pm and had lunch at the Cracker Barrel there, and the headed west to Bossier City, arriving about 5:30. Dinner and a few pulls on the slot machines, and we’re ready to hit the sack, in preparation to head into the relatively unknown area of Oklahoma west of Oak City.



  1. It does look nice. I will have to come down sometime to see it. 🙂

    Off to get your kicks…


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