Posted by: abbiewatters | June 5, 2012

Dreaming of a 1962 Corvette

Monday morning we got up bright and early and headed north and west. We took US 71 to Texarkana, I 30 to New Boston, US 82 to De Kalb, and then headed north to Hugo, OK, where we caught the Indian Nations Turnpike. It’s a toll road, but one of the best roads in Oklahoma – 75 mph and almost zero traffic. We did the last 90 miles on my old nemesis, I 40, with every truck in the central part of the country beating along beside us. Ick!
We spent the night in Oklahoma City, and bright and early on Tuesday morning we headed to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed. That mission was accomplished by 10 am and we started out to “get our kicks!”

It still looks the same heading out across the prairie.
One of the suggested sights along the way was Ft Reno which was a working fort through WWII when it served as a POW camp for Germans and Italians.

It’s an interesting old fort that has only been partially restored. It currently belongs to USDA who have a research station there.

The old graveyard behind the chapel has the bodies of several buffalo soldiers as well as the POWs from WWII.

The barracks and stables.

Married officers quarters.

The parade ground.
They also have a nice little museum that includes several original Remington drawings.

After spending as much time as we did at the fort, we decided to press on with fewer stops.
US 66 deteriorated to a two-lane road.

And it kept on heading west in a straight line.
Finally just east of Weatherford, it joined I 40, complete with trucks.

We stopped for lunch at the Cherokee Trading Post.
From there we chugged on to Amarillo, and turned south to Palo Duro Canyon. Words and pictures don’t really do it justice.

From the rim.

Layers and strata.


Rock formations.

Wind and water erosion.

Well worth the time and drive. We wished we had known about this (yeah, I know lots of Texans have told us, but we didn’t listen). It would have been lovely to actually spend the night in the canyon. It was cool and peaceful down there, but we’re not campers. The air smelled so wonderful with pines and junipers, but by this time it was after 6 pm and we didn’t want to have to drive up out of the canyon on the narrow road after dark, so we made it to Amarillo before 7 pm. The Residence Inn was having hot dogs with chili for supper, so we stayed in. Tomorrow we go to Taos and Santa Fe. Whew!


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