Posted by: abbiewatters | June 7, 2012

Santa Fe to Las Cruces

Not too much to report today. The scenery through the east central part of New Mexico is hardly exciting.

Finally, after four hours with the only excitement when we got to some road construction and had to wait while the traffic in the other direction cleared the one lane road, we passed through Alamagordo and saw the white sands.
We tired off to the National Monument, maintained by the park service.

I can’t say enough good about the National Park Service. We have found every time we’ve taken advantage their services that they have been friendly, helpful and informative. It’s a shame that more people don’t take advantage of the wonderful educational and interesting information that is available in our National Parks. If the congress tries to cut the Park Service budget any more, we all ought to rise up in horror.

The white sands are gypsum where most sand is silica based. The newer dunes are really bright, bright white.

The dunes move when the winds deposit new sand on the back side, and then the sand eventually over-balances and slides down the front side.



The road has to be bulldozed out periodically because it completely drifts over.
After leaving the monument we spotted the signs to the Missile Test range.

But we didn’t see any missiles.
The only other interesting sight was the Organ Mountains guard the pass that took us over the San Andres mountains and down into Las Cruces.




  1. Abbie and Al…David and I are really enjoying these notes….and the pictures…you’re sure getting good with that camera! We made this same drive across the West…going from Navarre to Albuquerque years ago to visit our son Pat when he was stationed there…and we visited that New Mexico site and the White Sands more recently, from visiting relatives in El Paso…so we can share lots of those same place memories!
    Enjoy, and keep on driving safe. You’re coming into new country now and we’ll really enjoy it with you!
    Take care…lotsa love…Ann & Co.


  2. You went by Trinity and didn’t look for the marker?


    • Uh… Trinity?

      Sent from my iPad


      • Yes… The Trinity Test Site, Alamagordo (sp?) NM. Where they set off the first Atomic bomb…

        Gee Whiz! Next you be telling me you didn’t go by Roswell. ;-P


      • We didn’t go by Roswell this time. We had been there several years ago when I went to a conference in Riudoso.

        Sent from my iPad


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