Posted by: abbiewatters | June 17, 2012

Father’s Day

We took a day off (almost) today and just stayed in Spokane for an extra day. We didn’t want to arrive in Tacoma on a Sunday afternoon – we figured it wouldn’t be very convenient for the staff to have us arrive on their day off.
We also took advantage of the fact that there is considerably less traffic on a Sunday for us to drive around the old part of Spokane looking for addresses. I was able to look up the addresses where Papa and his family lived through the years because has the City Directories from 1900-1935 on line. They lived in about 10 different places between 1908 and 1925 – apparently apartments and small rent houses that aren’t there any more. In 1926 they moved to 928 W 17th Ave, and, lo and behold, the house is still there.

It’s a charming bungalow, and the lady who lives there now was out in the yard and saw me taking the picture. She said it was built in 1908, and there was one family that had lived there from 1940 through 1995. They bought it then and had raised their children there. She was entranced to learn some more of the history of her house and I was pleased to learn that many people had had happy lives there.

She also told us where Lewis and Clark High School was, and I remembered seeing Papa’s diploma from Lewis and Clark.

The lady told us they had just recently rehabbed and refurbished the school and it looked really good. It looked like they had been very true to the original design.

Unfortunately, the interstate runs right by its front door, so I wasn’t able to get a really good picture of the front, but there is a lovely green lawn at the side.


We also found the First Presbyterian Church, although I didn’t remember whether he was a Methodist or a Presbyterian when he was growing up.



After that, we went back to the motel and spent the afternoon resting up. We went to dinner at a very good steak place about 4:30 (we still haven’t gotten our stomachs acclimated to the new time zone), and we’re lucky we went then, because by the time we finished, there was a long wait.
Tomorrow we press on to Tacoma. The next issue of the blog should be pictures of our new home!



  1. Abbie,

    I am “the lady’s husband, John Altberg and she is Beatrice. Beatrice found your blog by looking up your maiden name! We are both amazed to have a connection through our home going back almost to its construction. (As a matter of record, the home was actually built in 1916)
    We consider ourselves more the current custodians rather than the owners. We often wonder about the lives that have been lived out within these walls. We have raised two boys, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. But what about the other side of life? Disease, illness, death, etc. Beatrice fought and won her battle with cancer, here! If only the walls could talk.

    I have said that as we approach the home’s centennial, that it would be fun to throw a party and invite as many people that we can find who have a connection to this home. Consider yourself the first “official” member of the guest list.


    • Thanks so much for searching me out! We would love to come to the 100th Anniversary party.

      You wondered about illnesses, I know my father had rheumatic fever while they were living there, although he recovered completely and lived to the ripe old age of 96. One of his brothers lived to 101.

      My grandfather had a major heart attack while they were living there. In fact, that’s the reason they sold the house and moved so that my grandmother would be closer to one of my uncles. My grandfather died just a year after they moved, in 1935.

      I love that you are taking great care of the old place!


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