Posted by: abbiewatters | June 20, 2012

Into Tacoma

Monday morning we got up early and got on the road with a gentle rain falling. It was the first rain we had seen on the whole trip. Here I thought I was moving to the rainy part of the country, but I guess we weren’t there yet.
Although they say the central part of Washington is desert, we found it to be very green and fertile, with lots of irrigation and fields of grain. We stopped briefly at the overlook of the Columbia River Gorge, where there is not only hydroelectric power from the dams on the river, but also a lot of harvesting of wind power and experiments in solar generation.



With the dams, the Columbia River is more like a series of lakes than a river.

We drove over the Snoqualmie pass in the rain, with the temperature hovering in the 40s being thankful that it was not a little colder. The traffic on I-5 made me thankful that I wasn’t driving, and I immediately started plotting out how to avoid the highway. We’re beginning to find some ways to get around without getting into traffic.
Yesterday we got a look at our little one-bedroom temporary home. It’s pretty small, but, hopefully we won’t be there too long.

We have a nice gas log fireplace with room on the mantle to put the TV.

The kitchen is lovely with modern appliances, including a flat-top stove and refrigerator with ice maker. There’s also room in the corner of the kitchen to put our little table and chairs.

We have an over-under washer and dryer in the apartment.


The bedroom is pretty small, and the worse part is there is very little closet room, but can surely make do for a little while. There is a nice sized storage unit in the basement where we can put boxes until we’re ready to unpack them, so there is that.


The bathroom has a walk-in shower, so there’s no more crawling over the side of tubs. HOORAY!
We bought two beds yesterday afternoon, and opened a small checking account at a local bank so we could get a safe deposit box. As soon as we can get our furniture delivered, we’ll start the unpacking and settling in process.
I haven’t been down the hill to see the sound, yet, although we catch glimpses of it whenever we drive just about anywhere. The sun is out and birds are singing, and things are taking shape. I’m content.



  1. Mom, your apron strings are showing!
    Hi Abbie! Mom sent me the link, and I am watching too! Love,Kathy


  2. Good for you! Destination safely achieved….what a wonderful trip that was….hope you don’t mind sharing it with me! Today I really liked seeing your new domicile, but I know you will be glad to get into a larger unit ASAP….but meanwhile, you saw how we have managed to settled into a pretty small place…so take heart!
    Keep the notes flowing, now…don’t want to lose this contact! So, till later, love ‘n stuff…Ann


  3. I have been checking the blog twice a day — you made it!! So glad you’ve arrived safely. I think your temporary housing looks very comfortable. I’m not your mother, but my motherly advice is to take all the unpacking, etc. slowly and just enjoy being THERE. Love, Anne


    • Yes, mother! We’re just about to the place where we can’t do anything else until the furniture is delivered on Monday, so I think I’m going to get to go down and look at the water!


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