Posted by: abbiewatters | June 23, 2012

Limenal Space

I think I last wrote on Wednesday morning and here it is – Saturday afternoon. We’ve had an interesting three days, meeting lots of folks and beginning to get acclimated to the area. I may have said that we bought beds on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we found Target and bought sheets, pillowcases and comforters. We got moved out of the guest quarters and into our apartment as soon as the beds were delivered on Thursday morning. We borrowed two straight chairs from the storage room and an old card table, so we’re back to living with a minimum of stuff. Happily there are lots of public sitting rooms and garden rooms and sun rooms in this building, so we can always find a comfortable place to sit. There is also a big flat-screen TV in one of those rooms, so we can sit there and watch the news and Rachel Maddow every evening.

The main lobby.

The sunroom. On a nice day you can see the water.


Sitting room/parlor.

The library.


Game room/TV room/bar.
Apparently my plaintive cries about not being allowed to see the water were heard, and Thursday for lunch we went to Harbor Lights for lunch on the recommendation of Anna Carr.

We ate looking out over the bay. I had some of the most wonderful clam stew I’ve ever tasted. They make their clam chowder in the Manhattan style with a clear broth and lots of vegetables. But their clam stew is creamy with crisp bacon slices, red-skinned potatoes, leeks, and whole clams that you have to disinter from their shells. I have no idea what seasonings they used, but whatever it was, it was wonderful.

If you look very carefully in this next picture, behind the tallest building on the hill in the distance, you can see the top of Mt Rainier peeping out. It was beautifully clear and we could see it bathed in sunlight.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching the water with the cloud shadows moving over it.

Friday was a very social day. They have a continental breakfast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the lobby sitting room, and because we were new, many of the residents came out to greet us and to sit and visit a while.


I hope I can start to learn and remember their names quickly, but they seem very forgiving when we forget.
For lunch we went to El Toro, the local Mexican Restaurant. I’m pretty sure we’ll miss good Mexican food more than anything else. This was edible, but VERY bland. Not what we’re used to at all.
Friday afternoon they had Happy Hour, again in the main lobby/sitting room. There was a special treat because they invited the folks from the duplexes to come, too. Apparently they have Happy Hour every Friday up in the Game room/bar, but this week they moved it downstairs to accommodate the additional people.




There were some men there, so Al was able to talk to several of them, and I think they were happy to spread the biddy drool around.
It’s very quiet around here on weekends, it seems, but Al and I went exploring down the peninsula as far as Lakewood and found the Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I got another set of sheets for my bed and we got a soap dish for the shower and some coat hangers. Apparently nobody has wire coat hangers around here, so we got some nice plastic ones, over protests from Al. He says his pants slide off of the plastic ones, but he’s going to just have to suck it up.
We found my twitter friend’s little Presbyterian Church, so we’ll probably go tomorrow if we get up in time. It rained all day yesterday, and all morning, but it looks like it’s trying to clear up now. Not sure what I have with me to wear to church if it is in the 50s at church time, but I guess they’ll have to be so glad to see us they won’t worry about what we’re wearing.


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