Posted by: abbiewatters | July 23, 2012


It’s been a while since I wrote about how we’re settling in. There’s still not too awfully much room, but we are coping.

My dresser, sans mirror, does very well in the entrance hall with lots of family pictures on it.

My little corner of the bedroom,

Al’s corner of the bedroom,

and the cedar chest take up three walls, with the closet on the fourth one.

Al’s chest of drawers fit in the space between the door and the closet (barely) and the two bedside tables are stacked at the foot of Al’s bed.

In the living room, our chairs are on the wall across from the fireplace,

the TV is in front of the fireplace (not able to use it, so I’m glad it’s been warm).

I’m using the printer stand that has a pull-out drawer for a keyboard for my desk.

We bought a little 24″ desk for Al.

We’ve got the two little bookcases back to back with books facing the living room and the other shelves for additional storage in the kitchen.

The kitchen table with one of its leaves folded down barely fits.

I guess the nice thing is I can stand in one spot and reach the refrigerator, stove, table and sink, with only a small step in any direction.

We’ve been attending a little Presbyterian Church, not far from where we live.

Bethany Presbyterian Church’s building was built 100 years ago. It’s a small congregation, with mostlly people who have grown up there. It is an “open, and affirming” congregation, and there are a fair number of LGBT members, and many more who have gays and/or lesbians as children or siblings. The usual Sunday worship is about 70 folks, and I understand the membership is around 100. I knew the pastor from Twitter and Facebook before we came here. Since we’ve been attending they have welcomed 7 new members, so it seems to be revitalized and growing. There’s a lot of energy there. We’re still visiting churches, but these folks seem to be very welcoming.

One of the really strange things about this area is the shift in attitudes about temperatures. The public pools are full whenver the sun is out, even if it is in the mid-60s. I can remember that I wouldn’t like my kids go swimming until the temperature got up to 80 deg.

We’re enjoying exploring the area and trying out many of the restaurants. I love to go down by the water to eat. One of my favorites is Harbor Lights.

Whenever we leave we have a great view of the sound.

This is our patio (my desk looks out the window at this).

And as we come home this is the view from the front of the property.

All in all, we are content!


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