Posted by: abbiewatters | September 2, 2012

Birding the Sanctuary

Pastor Sarah received lots (and lots and lots) of origami cranes from a colleague in Virginia Beach. That congregation folded them for Pentecost last year, after they received some from a congregation in Florida who folded them in response to September 11th. It’s sort of a chain-letter of peace cranes!

Last week several of us got together to put them in the sanctuary at Bethany Pres as decorations for the Season of Creation.

For the last couple of months we have had a rainbow across the congregation.

First we had to bring in the strings and strings of cranes.

and try to keep them from tangling.

Then we had to lower the rainbow (I know you were all wondering how on earth we got it up there in the first place. The secret is revealed)

…and we had to unattach it from the balcony railing…

After almost losing my religion trying to tie knots and swivels on 30+ feet of fishing line, and attaching the cranes to it, they took flight!

Then came a time of adjustment and rehanging after examination from all angles.

Some of the cranes just didn’t fit, so they were returned to storage, temporarily.

They’re fluttering and flying over the congregation bringing the Spirit of Peace to the church.

They’re swooping and flying over the cancel.

The Spirit hovers…

…and some find a rest near the cross…




  1. Abby….better late than never….I just looked at these pictures, and I am so impressed….I had heard (dunno where or when) about these folded cranes and their message…and lo, here they are for me to see!
    Have you heard about the small group of whooping cranes vbeing led to winter sanctuary by a flying small plane decked out to look like a crane? One group of them comes here to St. Marks sanctuary….I think we took you down there to the park when you were here…
    Anyhow…it made me think of them…..
    ’nuff again! Just had to put this entry here, even if it is months after the fact…are the cranes still flying, or have they moved on to their next roost?
    Love you…AOG


  2. Hi everyone . . this is Gwen and David from Paris . . . the sanctuary looks beautiful . . . I’m not sure how this works . . . Peace. Gwen


  3. Thanks for sharing how the cranes flew up there. I’ve been trying to figure that one out!


  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I was having a problem figuring out how the cranes were hung. Peace


  5. What fun! Thanks for sharing the peace cranes.


  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Looked like quite a time getting all the cranes flying. The banners and image behind the cross are also beautiful. Looks like a really nice church.


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