The Olympic Loop, Day 1

The beautiful, dry ( 😦 ) weather continues in the Pacific Northwest, so Big Al and I decided to take advantage and go look at the ocean last week. The concierge here at Franke Tobey Jones is married to a retired Army fellow, and she told us about a Naval Recreation Area, right on the beach in Pacific Beach. So I called on Monday and got reservations for Tuesday night and Wednesday night, and we threw some stuff in a suitcase and off we went.

First we drove up to Port Angeles on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It’s a pretty busy little port with freighters and a ferry that goes to Vancouver, Canada.

The land in the distance behind the freighter is Vancouver Island, Canada.

This sculpture of an octopus guards the entrance to the public pier.

Before we left town we got a closer look at the busy port.

From Port Angeles the road continued to the west, and then turned slightly south to skirt the shore of Crescent Lake.

It’s a beautiful, clear lake, surrounded by mountains.

In parts it was so clear and still that it made a beautiful reflection.

I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of the lake (as you can see).

Finally the road went off and left the lake, and we turned farther west. As we got closer and closer to the shore we started to see what we thought was smoke on the far hills, but as we continued on we realized it was Pacific mist blowing in off the ocean, and we caught our first glimpse through the trees of the surf.

The road ran along a bluff with no easy way down to the shore, but we were able to see more rocks and surf through the mist.

It wasn’t all overcast, and occasionally we were able to see the sun breaking through the clouds.

We continued on through the Olympic Forest around the Quinault Indian Reservation, and arrived in Pacific Beach about 5 p.m. We could hear the surf from our room, and we settled in for the evening. There was a restaurant right there on the property, and they had wi-fi (although no AT&T for the phone). We watched our TV show (Parenthood) in the room and went to sleep listening to the waves crashing on the shore.

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