Posted by: abbiewatters | December 3, 2012

Advent One – Monday


Isaiah 1:11-17

This first chapter of Isaiah is really difficult to get close to for those of us who have tried to follow all the rules. This could so easily be ascribed to our world today.

There are many who insist that being anti-abortion is the primary calling of the church. They point to proof text upon proof text to show how Christians are required to be pro-Life.

There are others who want to draw the line at Gay Marriage, saying homosexuality is anathema to God, and calling all right-thinking people to shun the LGBT folks among us. Again, proof texts from the Bible are used to beat each other over the head.

And then there are those who read the writings of Paul and claim women have no place in the leadership of the church. Recently the vote by the Anglican Church to deny the possibility of women being elevated to Bishops struck another blow to gender equality.

In many parts of the world (yes, even in parts of the United States) race or national origin is still a deciding factor in eligibility for full acceptance and citizenship in the human community.

How are these examples that different from the requirements for burnt offerings and blood sacrifice that Isaiah is railing against?

Isaiah echoes Micah when he says

cease to do evil, 

    learn to do good;

seek justice,

     rescue the oppressed,

defend the orphan,

     plead for the widow.

This is the hope I see in this Advent text for healing the broken of the world through LOVE.


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