Posted by: abbiewatters | December 21, 2012

Advent Three – Friday

Luke 1:26-55

Today I return to the reflections from Interfaith Workers Justice on this scripture.

Hear what they say, particularly:

…when Mary sings her song (The Magnificat) she is celebrating the fact that God is coming to set this broken world right.

And again, yes, things are not perfect yet, but Mary is being subversive. This is a protest song! This is Mary’s “With God on Our Side” or “A Change is Gonna Come”. The Son of the Most High is about to turn the present order upside-down.

When we gather for prayer vigils outside of … any oppressive institution then we too can sing songs of celebrations. We, like Mary, are able to live into this future Kingdom of God where the humble are made great. Even in the midst of our low-status we are able to expose the greed of such corporations.

Just as Jesus’ death only truly exposed the fear of the Roman government, the more stores they close due to workers demanding due respect and pay, the more it highlights to the world that this is an institution that feeds on the those already marginalized and thrives on exploitation. You don’t kill movements that don’t threaten your way of life.

So yes, we gather and we celebrate the change that will come as if it is here right now because God is using us, God’s humble servants, to create the coming Kingdom now!

Amen and amen!


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