Posted by: abbiewatters | January 1, 2013

December in Tacoma

Now that the Advent season has passed and Christmas is half over, I thought I’d bore y’all with the pictures and a review of all the things we did at Tobey Jones, at Bethany, and some of the other places around Tacoma.

Franke Tobey Jones goes all out with decorations for Christmas. There are 15 decorated Christmas trees in three buildings around the campus (not counting the Christmas trees in individual duplexes and apartments). The first party is the Open House where the community is invited to visit all the buildings. There’s food, drink, and live music in all the venues. Here’s a sample.

Garden Apartments

Christmas Tree in GA

The Christmas tree in the lobby.

Food at GA

Food set out for guests in the Garden Apartments.

Drink at GA

Drink in the Garden Apartments

Fireplace in GA

The fireplace in the lobby of the Garden Apartments

Ms Claus and her knight in shining armor

Mrs. Claus getting friendly with the knight in our lobby.

Live Music in GA

The live music (a string quartet) leaving at the end of their shift.

Lillian Pratt

Christmas Tree with Cups & Saucers

Christmas Tree decorated with cups and saucers in Lillian Pratt dining room

Christmas Tree in LP

Christmas tree in Lillian Pratt building

Tobey Jones Building

Christmas Tree at TJ

The big, live tree in the conservatory in the Tobey Jones building.

Live Music in TJ

Live music in Tobey Jones building

Fireplace in TJ

The fireplace in Tobey Jones dining room

Christmas Tree in TJ Dining Room

The Christmas tree in the Tobey Jones dining room

Then, about a week later, we were treated to a sit-down dinner party with great food, and live entertainment.


Wonderful menu


Beautiful table decorations


Wandering singers during the sing-along.

A Charlie Brown Christmas at Bethany Presbyterian Church


Charlie Brown and Lucy


Shermy, Snoopy, Violet, Linus, et al


Linus tells the story and everyone sings


The shepherds arrive


The whole cast

Tobey Jones also had a Christmas Party for children and grandchildren of the residents and staff. I invited a couple of kids from Bethany as my surrogate grandchildren.


Mrs. Claus was there with Santa himself


Owen seemed to enjoy himself, particularly since he was chosen to be the magician’s helper.


Audrey had a good time, too.

New Year’s Eve – there was a party from 7-9 to celebrate and watch the ball drop in New York that we intended to go to, but the LSU v Clemson game lasted until 8:30, so we just stayed home. We did watch the fireworks from the needle in Seattle on the TV.

All in all, we had lots of fun and lots of things to do with our Northwest friends and surrogate family, both where we live and at church.


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