Posted by: abbiewatters | January 5, 2013

I know where I was this time 47 years ago

I was in the hospital after giving birth to my first boy-child, Allen Ray Watters, Jr.

Ray - 3 days old

(He’s actually 3 days old in this picture. They didn’t take pictures in the hospital in those days.)


And here he is with his fiancée just before Christmas!

That was a bit of a change!

I didn’t get a chance to call him and wish him a Happy Birthday until late in the afternoon (although I DID send him an e-card and gift certificate!) We’re definitely a digital family.

I spent the afternoon in training to do Income Taxes with VITA, only to find out that what I REALLY wanted to do was volunteer with AARP (*sigh*). Anyway, I’ll get that all straightened out on Monday, I hope.

Congratulations to the Texans on their first play-off win. I think the people here in the Northwest are going to explode if the game between the Seahawks and the Washington Redskins doesn’t hurry up and get here. I’m trying to keep my opinions to myself, at least out loud, but I’ll be rooting for the Redskins (I know, that’s heresy for a Cowboys fan). These people out here are going to be insufferable if the Seahawks win.


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