Posted by: abbiewatters | January 6, 2013

Out my Window

I have a bird feeder just outside my window, and I love watching the little birds who come to eat. This time of year, that’s all they seem to do – EAT. They go through about 5 lbs of bird feed every week. I suppose I don’t HAVE to feed them, but they are so hungry.


I have chickadees and finches (The finch is being a pig and sitting right on top of the seed. The chickadee is sitting on the hanger, waiting for his chance to nip in a grab a seed and then fly away to eat it.)


I also have sparrows (millions of them).


Photo: Tony Grover

There are also junkos (sorry, none of mine would sit still long enough for me to snap their picture.)


photo: Velo Steve

Occasionally, there’s a flicker. He really likes the suet with seeds in.


photo:  azmichelle

Lots and lots of finches like this,


photo:  CatDancing

and like this.


photo:  matt knoth

The Jays out here are bigger, thinner, and showier than those I’m used to in Texas and Arkansas. Also the ones around here (in Western Washington) and almost black, rather than blue like this. Its official name is a Stellars Jay.


photo:  birdtographer.zion

We have several tohees. This one is spotted (the white markings on the wing) while others just have black wings. They are slightly larger birds than the junkos and sparrows, and look a lot like a small robin with a white shirt-front.


photo:  steeleman204

Usually the birds all eat together fairly happily with tolerance for all the other species, but occasionally, the hawk turns up, and they all fly wildly away. Unfortunately, some of them bash into the window with a thud when the hawk turns up. I don’t think he’s been able to catch one of the little birds on the feeder yet, but I’m afraid one day he’ll manage it.

I hope some of the birds will follow us when we move to the duplex. I’ll bet they figure out where the seed has gone.



  1. […] also have several kinds of sparrows, the Flicker, and the Stellar’s Jay that I posted about here. All in all, I have over 30 birds that visit my yard, and we see several more in the woods at Point […]


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