Posted by: abbiewatters | January 7, 2013

January 7th Already?

Good grief! The calendar is really slip/sliding away.

I finally made connection with the fellow from AARP Tax-Help this morning, and I think I’ve gotten all of that straightened out. Of course, I’ve added three all-day Saturday trainings to the calendar now.

Big Al and I are also being interviewed for the Bethany Press – the church newsletter (as new members), so we’ll spend next Monday morning spreading sunshine there.

We haven’t started packing for the move yet, because we still don’t have a firm date. Everybody is soooooo casual about when we move, but they don’t seem to realize things like – we have to schedule the movers – we have to change our address on everything – we have to be sure not to order anything on-line that might cross in the mail – etc., etc. We DO know that they are putting in the carpet this week, so it appears we’re on the downward slide.

The football gods are not smiling on me this year. Unfortunately Seattle won yesterday, so we have to put up with at least one more week of mania in the area. Notre Dame and Alabama play tonight, so I guess I’ll root for ND. At least that way there’s no way (I should think) that they will make Alabama #2 with two losses on the season. I’m afraid if ‘Bama wins they’ll make ND #2 and leave Oregon at #3. There’s one bright spot on the horizon – Chip Kelly isn’t going to the pros, but he’s staying at Oregon another year. @GoDucks!




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