Posted by: abbiewatters | January 10, 2013

Full Day

It seemed like I had just gotten up this morning when it was time to walk over to the Wellness Center for Tai Chi. I’m really enjoying doing it, and I think I’m getting stronger and developing better balance (which is what I had in mind).


Big Al and I then had a quick lunch at a local pizza buffet, and hurried back so I could attend the program by the Old Time Fiddlers in the Lillian Pratt Building at Tobey Jones. I didn’t know what to expect out of them, but they turned out to be two very old men (90+ years old) with fiddles, another old man who matched their age on the piano, and a couple of 60-year-olds playing a guitar and what was either a mandolin or a bass ukulele (I think it was the mandolin because it had 6 strings, even though it didn’t have a pot belly). The fiddlers and the piano player played strictly by ear, I think, because one of the group would call out the name of a tune, and a key, and they would listen a minute and then pick it up and play along. That was a lot of fun and a toe-tapping good time.

They were followed closely by the Tacoma Historical Society’s presentation about Street Names in Tacoma. Many (most) of the streets in Tacoma are named for early settlers, usually railroad magnates. The presenter had interesting little tidbits of information about who they were, what they did for the city, and the parts of town we were talking about. A couple of the streets have women’s names – Mildred, Shirley, etc. – and apparently they were named after the next-door neighbors of the man who was in charge of streets around the turn of the century (1899-1900).

Also, there’s a street named Bowes that was named after Major Bowes of the Original Amateur Hour. Wikipedia has him going from the San Francisco earthquake directly to radio in New York, but apparently he spent several years as a real estate developer in Tacoma between 1905 and 1910.

I always enjoy the Tacoma Historical Society programs (at least once a month at Tobey Jones) as I learn more about my adopted home.



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