Posted by: abbiewatters | January 13, 2013

Good Sunday

I took the Mexicana yarn to church today. We (anybody who wants to) is knitting/crocheting/weaving rainbow scarves for whoever wants one. They are to show our support for the LGBT community and we’ll be sending as many as we can knit to GA the next time it convenes.


Several people took skeins home to see how it goes. We hope to have a lot of scarves to send.

After church we went with several other members to lunch at one of the little restaurants on the Narrows. I had some wonderful crab cakes – all crab and zero filler. That’s the thing I really dislike about many crab cakes – too much filler. But these seemed to just be flaked crab. It was served with a peppery pineapple salsa to die for and some wonderful onion rings. Yum.

We decided to drive through the Point Defiance Park on the way home and it was nice to see it now that it has gotten some rain, even if most of the trees are bare because it’s winter. It was pretty cold, still, so we didn’t get out at all. I was pleased to see that they have finished rebuilding the pagoda that burned several years ago.

One of the best things to happen this weekend was the Seahawks losing (sorry, Seattle fans). I’m sorry Denver lost – I’m not a Peyton Manning fan, but it was a great game. San Francisco’s win over Green Bay was also a really good game. And finally, I was sorry to see the Texans go out against New England. I really can’t stand the Patriots, and it would have been nice to have at least one Texas team still playing.

I finally got my workout in (I really like having a nicely equipped Wellness Center here at Tobey Jones). I put it off on Friday, and yesterday, and it was necessary that I get my bottom moving again. I’m doing a mile pretty easily now, and I need to step up to a mile and a half next week.



  1. Four scarves done and one in progress! I am so excited for this project!


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