I Think We’re As Ready As We’re Going to Be

Tomorrow, I strip the beds, gather the towels, disconnect the computers, empty the refrigerator and freezer, swallow a cup of tea, and we’re ready for the movers to come! Big Al has done yeoman’s duty packing boxes!

The birds are going to have to get over themselves when I move the feeder. They’ve been stomping around the patio all afternoon, since Al emptied the bird bath.


It’s been foggy and cloudy for over a week now – no rain – but tomorrow the rain is supposed to roll in. Oh, well, we need it. We’re working on the longest dry spell in January on record (record is 14 days and we’ve gone 12 since it last rained). At least they will be able to back the truck up to the garage to unload. It’s just getting the stuff from the apartment to the truck that we have to worry about.

I probably won’t be blogging much until I get the internet hooked back up. I called, but the woman who is supposed to set up the appointments hasn’t called back yet. I’ll try again tomorrow. At least we have iPads that can hook up to the cloud, so we won’t be totally bereft of our connections.

See you on the other side!

1 thought on “I Think We’re As Ready As We’re Going to Be

  1. Hi, love….so happy for you…..now the wait for the larger place is over!!!! We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of it after you get all settled in….Love those pictures! You’re quite an artist with that pad….I got one for Christmas, so I need to practice with it! So far, I’ve only played a couple of games, and done e-mail and a bit of Facebook… I much prefer the PC so far…but it will be nice when we travel….
    Enjoy your move, and keep us posted! I reallly am, enjoying this way of keeping up with you guys….
    Take care now,….love to you both…AOG & DOD


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