It’s coming together

We got the shelf supports up in the living room and in the garage, and have the DVDs and components on their shelves. Now to find somebody who knows how to hook up a Home Theater system. I can wire up a computer system, but audio/video hooking up is beyond me. The big problem is the back of the TV isn’t marked with any particular input places – and I’m not smart enough to trouble shoot which left goes in which hole, and which output does what. So we’re still just watching TV with no DVD player and consequently no Netflix. *sigh* Of course, the ideal situation would be to run the DVD through the Cable Box, but somehow, I don’t think that would work at all. And then we wouldn’t be able to add the speakers unless we hooked them up to the TV (but that’s also beyond me).






1 thought on “It’s coming together

  1. Poor baby!!! What a face!!!! Don’t let it get to you…that’s what the local geek is for….I wouldn’t dare hook up ANY thing electrical…so be proud of what you did do, and get someone to come ‘n help!
    It is good to know you are moved in to the nice larger home….do you plan to give us a virtual tour? It would be nice;;;….
    You take care now, , and check in sometime!
    Lotsa love….AOG & C0.


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