Posted by: abbiewatters | February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

We had a really good day, yesterday. We enjoyed the church service, and seeing all the folks at Bethany Pres.

After church we went to some friends’ house. One of the things that I so enjoy about Bethany is the cross-section of people who are there, who all accept us and love us. As my friend, Stacy, (whose house we had lunch at yesterday) said today on Facebook:

you know, one thing I love about my church… i love being there w. the community of faith, it’s an amazing cross-section where I can bring my children and they can learn the beauty of every age person – new babies, kids younger than them, friends their own age, teens, grownups, mamas and daddies (gay and straight), seniors, all colors, life backgrounds, personality types… I love that they can learn about people – and that you don’t have to look like me or be like me in order to be a real person, have real hobbies and interests and jobs – that we’re all different and God made us that way. He chose us to each be special and loves us all just as much. Grateful today for the intergenerational cross-section of diverse people who love my little family.
It was fun to have lunch with six adults, three kids, three dogs, and a cat.
Two of the kids at the Christmas Party here at Tobey Jones.
The doggies taking their leisure.
We left their house in time to come home and go to the bathroom before we went over to the Wellness Center here at Tobey Jones to watch the Super Bowl on the B-I-I-I-G screen TV. It’s always more fun to watch a game with other people around. We ended up being just about the only ones rooting for the Falcons, but we played a couple of games of Football Trivia (while the lights were out), and rated all the commercials. If you missed any of them, just click on the link and see a replay of all the commercials from the game.
My favorite was the baby Clydesdale, but a close second was the Doritos “Fashionista Daddy”.


  1. y’all are gonna have to come back and see us, ya hear? 🙂


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