Posted by: abbiewatters | February 7, 2013

Things are progressing

Yesterday, we had workmen in the house all day. We have a new furnace and new thermostat. This morning we woke up and it was still 64 deg in the house. The heater hadn’t kicked on like it was supposed to. So I called maintenance, and they called the heater man, and he came back and fixed whatever it was that was wrong. And the rest of the day, it’s been nice and toasty. But it’s pretty nice outside, too, so who knows what tomorrow morning will bring.

We also had the fellow come and hook up the DVD and amp to the TV. He was here most of the day, but he did a wonderful job of corralling the wires, and he got everything hooked up so we can watch DVDs again.


Next week (hopefully) we’ll have the man in to wire the Cat 5 into the living room, and we can have streaming Netflix, again.

We also had the fellow from maintenance in to install grab bars in the tub (don’t ask me why they ever built a bathroom in a retirement community with a tub and didn’t put grab bars in it). He didn’t get completely finished yesterday, but he came back this afternoon and got it all taken care of. Anyway, now Big Al can use the shower in the tub (which is a hand-held like he prefers) and I can use the stall shower in the second bathroom, like I prefer.

Today was one of my “non-cooking” days, and the sun was out beautifully, so we went down to Boathouse 19 and had big old, slimy old, juicy old hamburgers, sitting by the boats in the Marina, looking at the Narrows Bridge and the sound.

Boat House 19

Living here makes all those years of hot, dry desert worth it!



  1. AMEN!!! I was just thinking today how beautiful and wonderful it is to have seasons and to live somewhere where things grow! good for the soul


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