Posted by: abbiewatters | February 16, 2013



This photo is part of the Lenten Photo-A-Day Challenge.

Yes, that’s a picture of the Carnival Triumph (if you’ve had your head under the covers for the last week, here’s its story.)

The lectionary passage that spoke especially to me today was from Titus 3:6-7

6This Spirit he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

Even without the story of this ship losing power and people being trapped on it, I think I might have still chosen a cruise ship as a symbol of injustice. The contrast between the living/working conditions of the crew and the living/working conditions of passengers on a cruise ship is startling in its injustice. I have enjoyed cruising in the past and I hope to do so again, but I always have a mental picture of the working conditions of the crew in the back of my head. My son was a waiter and bartender on a river boat just after he graduated from college. He met his wife (who was a cocktail waitress) on the boat. I know the interminable hours they worked; I’ve seen their cabins where three or four kids shared a space just large enough for their bunks. If you wanted to change clothes, your cabinmates had to leave the room or stay in their bunks because there wasn’t room enough for two people to stand at the same time. And they weren’t allowed on deck except when they were working. It was also freezing cold at the beginning of the voyage and boiling hot at the end of the voyage because the crew cabins were surrounded by the diesel fuel which was cold, cold, cold when they loaded it, and as it was used up it was replaced by hot, Mississippi, summer-time air.

I also am very timid about praying for “justice” for myself, because I understand that if I were to receive “justice”, I would be damned for all eternity for my many sins. That’s why I love the lectionary passage’s reminder that justice comes to me by grace.



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