I’ve never been familiar with rhododendrons – never seen them up close and personal. I’m entranced with the way they flower.

First you get tiny buds that look like they are just trying to be new leaves.


Then, the buds swell and start to turn slightly pink or red (or whatever the flower is going to be).


Then they swell some more and you can see that each bloom is a whole bunch of flowerets.


Then one or more of the flowerets begin to open.


Then several of them open, but some stay closed for a while.


Finally, they all are open. Those blooms all came out of the same bud. And they’re BIG – probably each floweret is 2-4 inches in diameter, and the whole blossom is 8-10 inches.


They range in color from palest pink that almost looks white from a distance, to dark red (not on the same bush). I’m just fascinated with them.

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