Posted by: abbiewatters | April 29, 2013


I had great plans about making a really up-beat, happy post today.

This morning the maintenance man brought my new combo storm/screen door for the front of the house, so now I can open the front door, see who’s there, even talk to them through the door, and still not feel like I’m opening my house to the world. Also, it has a pretty decent lock, so I can leave the screen part open and the regular front door open and get a cross-breeze when it’s warm. Nice way to air out the house.



Then this afternoon I went to Chef Tim’s monthly talk and learned about the difference between prawns and shrimp (not much – although they are different species). We got to sample a tiny shrimp cocktail, and then he cooked shrimp scampi and we each got to taste three of them. Informative and fun!



BUT – when I picked up the mail there was a notice from a collection agency saying that I owed the North Texas Tollway Authority $74.27. I turned in my Tolltag before we left Texas and got a receipt from them. I’m not sure what this is all about but now I get to worry all night long because by the time I got the mail it was 4 p.m. here on the left coast, and after 6 p.m. in beautiful downtown Carrollton, Texas.






  1. Poor Abbie!!! Things like that can be so frustrating….make a copy of the receipt, mail or e-mail it to the dunning authority and ask them what next!

    Take care, and try not to let bumbling bureaucracy get to you! (Maybe tell ’em to come and get you???)

    I really am enjoying your posts….so happy for you that you are living your dream! Lotsa love to you…Ann & Co.


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