Posted by: abbiewatters | May 6, 2013


Big Al and I went over to the Tobey Jones building for Gamers Club this afternoon.

Sundial in Tobey Jones garden

It was 3 PDT, but as you can see it was really 2 p.m. sun time.

Original entrance to original building

I think this was the first time I had ever gone in the original entrance. It’s usually closed and locked, but they had the doors open today because it was so warm.

Kate, the program director, had forgotten she had a trip to see the Tacoma Rainiers (minor league baseball team), so she wasn’t there, and consequently, the games weren’t there either. We didn’t have too many people show up, so there was no great loss, but it would have been nice to play something (either bridge or cribbage or something).

Oh, well, we’ll play bridge tomorrow afternoon, anyway.

We did get a good look at THE mountain (or as one of my friend’s kids say, “Mount Reindeer”).

The Mountain in May

I may get tired of looking at it one day, but not yet. Not for a while yet.


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