Posted by: abbiewatters | May 22, 2013

A Review of the Past Year

As promised, here are some of the highlights of the last year (cont.).


The year began with really spectacular weather (particularly for the first part of January). On 1/1/2013 we were able to see the mountain!

IMG_0308 (2)

I continued feeding and watching the birds.


We had been notified in late November that we would be able to move into a duplex in January, so most of the month was spent packing boxes, picking out paint and rugs, and generally being confused. But we moved, happily about the 20th and consequently were without computers and Netflix for quite a while.

Our Duplex (2)


We got ourselves settled in, including getting the TV hooked up to the network, getting all the wiring done and ordering a couch and chair for the living room. Notice we have a working fireplace with gas logs that is absolutely Da Bomb! for cold winter evenings.


Things started blooming that had been planted by previous residents. It’s such fun to see what will come up and bloom when and where you aren’t expecting it.

Outside my door

I also got to know my four-footed neighbors.

From my deck

Franke Tobey Jones took a bus trip to the Trillium Winery on the Kitsap Peninsula, and we really enjoyed wine-tasting and learning about how “Mine Host” made the wines.

Mine Host at the Winery

APRIL 2013

The weather warmed up and the bushes and trees around our house burst into bloom. Azaleas all over campus, followed apple trees in bloom.




It was warm enough for us to return to lunches outdoors at the restaurants on the sound.




MAY 2013

You all remember the early part of this month. The flowers delivered by one of the staff on May Day,

May Day 2013


Back Porch

Sitting in the sun on the boardwalk at Titlow Beach.

Titlow Beach (2)


Kate Smith




  1. Oops…I guess I missed one…I just checked back in the archives and found the previous one covered that story! Although, frankly, the day to day account with more details is priceless! You do write a fun account, love. Keep it up! Love again….AOG


  2. Hi, Abby….loved this resume…but my goodness….you haven’t covered the camping part…living in close quarters with boxes and stuff and falling over each other and all that neat stuff!. You write such a hilarious account, it is well worth sharing again! you wanna forget it! Up to you!
    Keep smiling, dear, and keep the notes flowing….with pictures. Love those pictures….
    Love to you….Ann & Co.


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