Posted by: abbiewatters | June 8, 2013

Lunch Bunch

The Franke Tobey Jones bus loaded up and headed off to Gig Harbor for lunch on Friday.


We headed across the Tacoma Narrows bridge


photo: Washington State Dept of Transportation WSDOT

Before long we arrived at Gateway to India for a wonderful Indian buffet lunch.

IMG_1038 - Copy

Most of the folks had never tried Indian food before, but they all said they enjoyed it. Winnie McNair and Mary Damonte,


Jan Shearer…


and Shirley Robbins, the concierge for the Garden Apartments, who went along as our “chaperone”.


We were all entranced with the light fixtures. Delicate embroidery with little mirrors in the circles.



Big Al particularly had a good time, because he LOVES Indian food and we hadn’t found a good Indian Restaurant until now. (He looks happy dreaming in the sun waiting for everybody to load the bus for the ride back to Tobey Jones.)


I was happy, too, since I got my fill of murgh masala, vindaloo, aloo, biryani, and garlic naan. YUM!




  1. Cooking Indian tonight . . . thought I would do it last night but went shopping instead . . . not as exotic as yours . . . Tandorii Chicken, Curried Roasted Clauiflower and Cucumber-Yogurt Salad, Chai Tea . . . looks like you guys had a great time


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