Posted by: abbiewatters | June 12, 2013

Chateau St. Michelle Winery and Garden Tour

Yesterday, we loaded in the Tobey Jones bus and rode to Woodinville. It was a fairly long trip (1 hr 15 min), but it was pleasant and we went at the time of day when traffic wasn’t too awful.


We were visiting the Chateau Ste Michelle Winery and Historic Gardens.


The Winery is on the site of the historic Hollywood Farms dairy and garden.

Hollywood Farm

It was called Hollywood Farms because some of the first landscaping in 1910 included rows and rows of holly bushes.

We took a tour of the gardens when we first arrived because rain was threatening. Our tour was conducted by one of the Master Gardeners on the staff there. We waited in front of the château near some impressive outdoor art.


From our vantage point we could see a giant Red Oak and an enormous Copper Beech. (I haven’t seen a Copper Beech since we were in England, and this was a magnificent specimen.)

Copper Beach

From there we walked by a Beauty Bush,

Beauty Bush

and another bush that I think is related to the hemlock, but the guide said she didn’t know of a common name for it. Its real name is Tsuga Canadensis Var. Pendula.

Tsuga Canadensis

There we also ran across some more outdoor sculptures.


From that vantage point we walked up to the rear of the original house, and saw the lawn where the children used to play, with Cypress near the house and Norway Spruce guarding the pool. (I don’t think I got the Cypress in the picture, but I was confused because they didn’t have their feet in the water and there were no knees visible. I guess I’m just too used to seeing Cypress in the swamp in the south.)

Japanese Maple and Fountain

That’s a lovely Japanese Maple in front of the pool.

We walked around the side of the house and saw a Variegated Western Red Cedar that had grown up and made a wonderful playhouse under the branches for the children. I can just see them swinging on the “ships bow” branches, and using them for chairs and hammocks.

Playhouse under the trees

We then proceeded around to the front of the house.

Main House (2)

Down a short path we found the trout pools. Apparently the Stimsons used to send one of the workers out with a net shortly before dinner each day, and he would come back with a fresh trout for the first course. Now that’s FRESH FISH!

Trout Farm

We finished up the tour at the wine tasting room.

Tasting Room

It was just beginning to sprinkle, so we happily went inside to sample the wine. This winery gets its grapes by truck every day, but doesn’t have many vines.


After purchasing several bottles of wine, we reloaded the bus and drove down the road to the Redhook Brewery and Pub for lunch.



The sun came out while we were eating, and we had an uneventful trip back to Franke Tobey Jones in Tacoma – home by the middle of the afternoon.


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