I’m just beginning to understand why I haven’t been very good about posting on the blog. I put up a post every day last week, BUT I didn’t get over to the Wellness Center to work out – at all.

I’m not sure what the answer is, unless I give up something else.

  • I really like my reading time.
  • I really like sitting in the living room with Big Al in the evenings while we watch TV and I knit and do puzzles on the iPad.
  • I really like the activities I participate in during the day.
  • I really like spending an hour or so catching up with my friends on Facebook (I have already mostly given up Twitter because it was such a time-suck).
  • I don’t really like taking the time to cook dinner in the morning, but it’s better than cooking dinner in the evening.

I’m just not sure how I’m going to be able to fit in the time to both blog and work out.

* * *

The preceding was written before lunch, and now I’m back from working out, after going to my Genealogy Group. Maybe this won’t be too disjointed. At least I hope not.

If anyone can figure out a solution to my problem of lack of time, I imagine you could make a fortune by bottling it!

* * *


I have a meeting tonight for Pierce County Hunger Advocates. If you aren’t following that blog, or that Facebook page, then you aren’t really following me because that’s where a lot of my bandwidth is going these days.

* * *

Speaking of hunger, homelessness, etc., I’ve been interested to follow the kerfuffle in Raleigh, NC, where the police threatened to arrest groups who were trying to feed the homeless on Saturday and Sunday. You can get a pretty good overview by checking the Pierce County Hunger page on Facebook. For information straight from the horse’s mouth, see the blog for Love Wins Ministries. Social media played an enormous role in “convincing” the city council and mayor to pay attention to the problem.

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