Presbygeeks – Joy and Thanksgiving

This post is for those other Presbygeeks who read my blog.

The last Presbytery meeting I attended before leaving Texas was a special called meeting to vote on what to do about the First Presbyterian Church of Longview. The session had voted to leave the denomination, although there was a significant portion of the membership who wanted to stay. At the urging of the remnant who wished to remain in the PC(USA), the Presbytery dissolved the session and took the congregation under care. (I mentioned this in passing on the blog I wrote as we were packing to be ready to leave Dallas.)

At the last Presbytery meeting, we voted to dismiss those who wished to leave to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (another reformed body). We also voted to give the property to the remaining members. (You can read all the details here.)

That was one of the hardest, most gut-wrenching meetings I have ever attended, and I have carried that church in my heart and prayers to this day.


You can imagine my joy and thanksgiving when I saw the headline in Grace Presbytery’s newsletter,

First Presbyterian Church, Longview:
Thriving one-year later

Once more the Spirit moves, and I stand in awe!

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