Posted by: abbiewatters | September 28, 2013

College Kids

You may remember I was talking about what a good time I had with some kids from one of the local colleges on Wednesday evening.

I was telling my knitting club about it yesterday morning, and one of the members told this story. He was the president of that college, and had been a professor at one of the women’s colleges in the northeast – Vassar or Wellesley, or Smith – I forget which. Anyway, he and his family had been invited to dinner in one of the student dining halls, and they were leading the way down the stairs, past the girls waiting in line, and into the dining room when he heard one of them whisper, “Look! Real people!”


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I had forgotten how insulated college kids can be. Wouldn’t it be nice if churches could provide some mixed age groups instead of dividing Sunday School into “College Age”, “Young Married”, “Empty Nesters”, and “Golden Age”. Church might be the only place college-aged adults have an opportunity to talk and socialize with “real people”. Age division might be okay occasionally, but it shouldn’t always be the norm.

If breaking those age barriers in Sunday School is too difficult to begin with, I’ll bet a mission project would be a great place to start. Or how about having a “Micro Mission Trip” one Sunday in the place of Worship?


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