I told you last week that I had chosen “Provide” as my word for the year. Today, I’ll try to explain a little more fully what I mean when I say “provide”, because it’s as much about what I can’t do as about what I can do.

Buttermilk Sky (2)

1.  I can’t provide emotional feelings to anyone else. In other words, I can’t MAKE somebody happy (or sad, or envious, or loving). I can act in a way that may encourage the good feelings and discourage the bad ones, but people’s feelings are their own. I need to keep reminding myself that I’m not responsible for anyone else’s feelings.


2.  Sometimes, when it comes to providing things, I can’t do it all myself. Sometimes it means getting out of the way while other people do the good work. Sometimes it means doing something with my own two little hands. Sometimes it means giving money so that folks are fed and housed. Sometimes it means organizing rallies and meetings, and sometimes it means attending them, and sometimes it only means helping publicize them. But all of those help to provide.


3.  Often providing means working with my time commitments so that I can be available at home, at church, and at other activities. I like to go places and see things, so I have to be able to say “No” to some commitments, while still providing alternative choices to be sure the commitments get taken care of.

Ian & Granddad

4.   I also have to remember that I need to provide myself with intellectual stimulation – new books, and blogs to read – awareness of current events – educational groups to connect with – classes to take – people to talk to.


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