New Beginnings

This year, I, along with half the people in the known universe, decided I would really get serious about my weight. And to prove that I’m really going to do it this time, I signed up with FirstLine Therapy, the medically supervised weight-loss program that my doctor referred me to. I made appointments beginning yesterday through the end of February. THIS TIME I’m really going to do it.

My grandmother was overweight until she had a heart attack when she was 64 years old. After the heart attack she lost sixty (or more) pounds, and went on to live another 30 years.

Nannie & Aunt Maimie

Mama was very overweight as well, but when she was about 65 she got serious about her weight and lost about 80 pounds. She would probably still be alive today if she hadn’t died at age 78 of Alzheimer’s disease.

Mama & Papa (7)

So… I’m 69 and I figure now is the time for me to do the hard work and really lose a lot of weight (hopefully upwards of 120 pounds). I know it will take a while to get that weight off, but I really need to do it.

Abbie Watters

I’m also motivated by my baby brother who lost 50 lbs last year, and looks like a completely different person (although he’s still there underneath).

I’ve spent the last year really struggling to lose, and I’ve managed to shed 15 pounds since this picture was taken, but you can hardly tell it by looking at me.

So… All of this is a build-up for asking you, gentle readers, to help me stick with the program. I’m not going to bore you with meal by meal recaps, but I will be posting every week after I go to my appointment on Tuesdays, and reporting progress (if any), and anything I’ve learned about myself along the way. According to the doctor, I should be able to get rid of 2-3 pounds a week for the first couple of weeks and then about a pound a week. I’ll keep posting “selfies” to keep you up-to-date, but I’ll need you to “holler at me” if I start slacking off on my progress. I figure it’s going to take about a year to get all this off, so I know I’m in it for the long haul.

Pray for me, please.


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  18. I would suggest exercise but that is double edge sword. I worked out with a personal trainer 3 time a week for 3 months. lost 3 inches at the waist and gained 45-pounds. I didn’t care if it was “lean muscle mass”, I was a 43-year old linebacker. 😦

    But even now that I don’t exercise as much; I am still more active and the lean muscle mass burns off more weight. Although the belly remains I am below 260 and got a good chance at 250. That’s nearly 33% loss since I started and 50% to my goal.

    I now you can do it! 😉


  19. More power to you; I know you can do it! I had forgotten how young Nannie was when she had the heart attack. I well remember Mama going to Texarkana to help her convalesce, leaving my sweet Papa to cope with two little girls whose hair had to be braided each morning. I will hold you in my thoughts and check the blog daily for progress reports. Love, Anne


  20. Abbie,that is wonderful. I am inspired to see if I can keep pace with you…I need to lose at least 40 pounds to be in my healthy range….I have a problem with multlitudes of appointmentsm so I think I’ll sign up for the onlline Weight Watchers, and try to walk along with you that way…..I’ll check on you, and maybe you can cheer for me….
    Oh, the things we can do when we get down to it….
    I loved the stories about your Mother and Grandmother.
    And….love to you….Ann


    • You have my support! We all need to follow diets. I mean healthy, maintainable diets, and not reducing diets. I am still a believer in Protein Power. Count the carbs, and cut out grains whenever you can. Avoiding wheat means less pain in joints for me.


  21. Abbie — I will put you on my prayer list, because I have decided prayer is an essential part of this. I have fought weight since college, although more since my husband died. I’m an emotional eater, so I completely understand. I know you can do it, and doing it for your health is the totally right reason. You want all the days you can have with Big Al, believe me. Courage, dear lady.


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