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As you may remember, my one word for the year is “Provide”. This month I’m “providing” a little eye candy for our house and yard. (Maybe you remember me complaining that the back yard has lots of very nice plantings next to the house and around the porch, but you can’t see any of it from the house.)

This year, I prevailed on the powers that be to have the landscaping company (who, by the way, do a fabulous job here) to dig me a garden against the fence.

They did, and here it is – dug up, with bushes waiting to be put in. (You can see the fence is pretty grody with splashes of mud, and green moss growing on it.)

New Garden (2)

I bought a lilac and four forsythia bushes to serve as a backdrop. The lilac should bloom most of the summer, and the forsythia will be pretty early in the spring.

The landscapers planted them, along with two lupines and a chrysanthemum that I had left over from last summer. They have made it through the winter, so I figured they has earned a place in the garden.

Early Plantings

(The fence is still pretty awful, but at least the plants will cover it up.)

After my trip to the greenhouse, I added two more lupines and a couple of wall flowers. (Lupine and wall flowers are on the list for being deer resistant, by the way.)

More Plantings

(One of the maintenance men came over yesterday and power-washed the fence. It isn’t mossy and mildewy any more, but a lot of the paint was knocked off. Maybe they’ll paint it. :-))

Here’s a view of the new garden looking along the fence.

More Plantings (3)

I got some new hanging baskets/porch plants as well.

Here’s the basket that’s on the front porch.

Front Porch Hanging Basket (3)

And here’s the red geraniums I got to put in the big pot on the front porch.

Front Porch Geraniums

For the back porch I got a new (pre-planted) hanging basket (because I’m too impatient to wait very long for the stuff I plant to fill in).

Back Porch Basket #1 (2)

I DID get some plants to put in the two hanging baskets we had last year. It will be a while (but not too long) until they are trailing nicely (I hope).

Back Porch Basket #2


Back Porch Basket #3 (2)

I did two dish gardens (sorry the first one has terrible lighting – too much bright sun – too little shade.)

Dish Garden #1


Dish Garden #2

These were planters that hung over the porch railing last year, but when they rebuilt the porch, the brackets didn’t fit anymore. (Sigh!)

Window Boxes

Not sure what I’ll do with them this year, but maybe I’ll just let them sit on the porch. Maybe I’ll get a bench to put them on, or maybe I’ll see if my brackets will work on the fence, and they can move out there and help cover up ugly.

I also got some purple flowered plants – one in a hanging pot, and one (so far) just in a regular pot sitting on a table.

Hanging Pot


Purple Pot

Here’s a close-up of the wall flowers in the new garden.

Wall Flowers

and the lilac (it certainly is healthy looking for just having been transplanted.)


There’s one thing about the Pacific Northwest – plants grow like weeds, so I have to be careful not to crowd things.

I’ll try to remember to take more pictures as the hanging baskets and window boxes fill in, and as the lupines and lilac bloom.


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