Northwest Trek


 Our History

In 1971, Dr. David “Doc” and Connie Hellyer donated the original land that became Northwest Trek Wildlife Park to Metro Parks Tacoma. After four years of diligent fundraising and planning, Northwest Trek officially opened its doors on July 17, 1975. read more here

Sculpture at entrance

Residents and friends at Franke Tobey Jones boarded the bus a couple of days ago for a trip to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. When we reached the park we walked down a little hill, and boarded a tram for a trip around the area to see the free-range animals who live there.


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The ride begins by a lake filled with Canada Geese at this time of year.


Throughout the park we saw beautiful foxgloves, in all shades of pink.


Apparently the deer have sense enough not to eat them. (Maybe I should put them in MY yard since the deer leave them alone.)


We saw lots of herd animals – big horn sheep, mountain goats, buffalo (really bison, sorry), moose, elk, and, of course, the ubiquitous black tailed deer.






There are also beautiful views across the hills to the Cascades,


After a fine lunch at the Rainforest Café, several of us took one of the many walking trails to see some of the caged animals.

Joan, Patricia, etc. Kate and friend

Most of them were sleeping in the brush, but we were able to spot a cougar, a lynx, a coyote, and a couple of grizzly bears.



By that time we were all tired, so we loaded back on the bus to return to Franke Tobey Jones, after a wonderful outing and early summer’s day at the park.

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