Posted by: abbiewatters | August 1, 2014


As you may remember, my one word for the year is “Provide”.

And goodness, gracious, me, oh, my, have I been busy this month.

Genealogy lessons got rolling again at Franke Tobey Jones. This year, instead of spending a lot of time in the class talking about where to find information about ancestors, we have been talking about our own histories and the histories of our parents – and making sure they are written down, so genealogists in the future will have a sense of our lives. To that end I have PROVIDED memories of my first plane trip and begun linking it to a story of how one of my great-great-great grandfathers and grandmothers came to this country (aided by a story written by my great-great grandfather who took it from a diary of his uncle.)

Our Toastmasters group here at FTJ continues to limp along. We seem to be stuck at about 12 members and need 20 to charter. I have PROVIDED a newly retired friend with the opportunity to continue her Toastmasters’ journey, and one new member, so I think I’m doing my part.

For some reason, even though it’s summer, activities have snowballed at church. I’ve spent several extra days in meetings, planning for activities in the coming months. I’ve been nominated to the Committee on Ministry for the Presbytery, and have attended a couple of meetings (just to get my feet wet before the vote in September). It gives me a chance to back out gracefully, supposedly, but owing to the fact that I’ve offered to act as minute taker during the meetings, I guess they’re determined to keep me. Anyway, I PROVIDED the draft minutes of the last meeting in a timely manner and everybody seems to think I walk on water.

My team at church inaugurated a new form of worship when we took the time usually allotted to the sermon and filled Gift of the Heart School Bags to be sent to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Church World Service. You can read all about that here. This will PROVIDE school supplies wherever the need is greatest – which at this point will probably be to the Child Refugees on our southern border.

We’re continuing to do Strategic Planning on the session at church, and each elder has been tasked with PROVIDING a list of five activities to STOP, three activities to KEEP, and three activities to START. I’ve got a long list of “Keeps”, and have already listed two things to “Start”, but I’m struggling with finding things to “Stop”, although I understand that, just like keeping your house uncluttered, the calendar at church has to lose something in order to make room for something new.

I’ve started attending weekly Bible study and find that it really feeds my soul. I’m not sure I PROVIDE much there, but it’s refreshing.

I’ve spent a lot of time in July in intercessory prayer. My brother-in-law had emergency heart surgery, and I’ve joined in the prayers with many others for his eventual recovery. We thought we’d lost him a couple of times, but he seems to finally be on the mend. Praise be to God! I can’t claim to have PROVIDED much, here. It was all the doctors, nurses, and GOD. But, as always, God is the ultimate PROVIDER.




  1. Hi Abbie — I just reposted this note to my curated site covering things Presbyterian: – and gratefully I leave a submission for your consideration for your word for next year: receive. Best wishes, Jim


    • Thanks so much for including me in your news wrap-up. “Receive” seems to be a good word for next year. I have to keep reminding myself that I need to be able to receive all the wonderful things that are available to me.


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