I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the things I’m looking at on my walks for exercise. When I started this diet, I was supposed to list some goals I had for losing the weight. One of them was to be able to walk the length of Ruston Way for pleasure. Well, I’ve been doing that, and I’ve also been exploring farther afield around the campus of Franke Tobey Jones.

One day, the sound was a very strange color – gray and milky – even though the sky was a beautiful, deep blue. I found out it was glacial melt from one of the glaciers on Mt Rainier coming down the Nisqually River and into the sound.

Glacial Melt from Mt Rainier

One of the best pictures I got was of a large piece of driftwood on the shore with Mt Rainier in the background.


I also like this picture on a different day of the walk and shoreline with the mountain in the background.


Today, I came upon a man who was flying a drone over the sound and over the walk.


He brought it in and landed it by my feet so he could change its batteries.


If you are friends with me on Facebook, you can see the little movie I took of it taking off and then turning around and taking a picture of me while I took a picture of it.

I’ve also enjoyed walking round the retirement complex next door to Franke Tobey Jones. They have a pond and you can frequently see ducks and gulls there. Friday, when I was over there, I came upon a Great Blue Heron, fishing.


He caught something under the rocks.


Then he turned around and wandered back across the pond, seemingly not noticing I was there.


I must have startled him, because he took off and flew away.


I hoped he would come back, but he flew one circle around the pond, and then disappeared over the trees.


1 thought on “Exercise

  1. Abbie, those are gorgeous pictures…as well as the ones from the bus tour. I sure enjoyed them….
    And, so proud of you for this diet….you are doing a fantastic job. Keep us posted! I’m a slacker…but feel inspired to read your progress! Love ya, gal….AOG


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