Posted by: abbiewatters | October 1, 2014


As you may remember, my one word for the year is “Provide”.

I crawled back on my diet this month, and, with the help of my FitBit, was able to continue the downward trend on the scale.

The Lunch Bunch this month went to Stanley and Seaforts for lunch. It’s located on a hill above the Port of Tacoma. Okay food, great views. I didn’t PROVIDE much that day except a hungry stomach.

Port of Tacoma from Stanley and Seaforts

Franke Tobey Jones took the bus to Vashon Island. We enjoyed a ferry ride over, time shopping in the village, and a decent lunch of pizza and salad (unfortunately I couldn’t eat the pizza because… you know… the DIET), but the ferry ride was worth it.


The annual Wellness Walk was held in September. The first year I didn’t even try to go – I was still car-legged from Dallas. Last year, I did a very short walk (enough to get a T-shirt). This year I went on the long walk, and still had plenty of energy to press on!


I was finally elected to the Committee on Ministry for Olympia Presbytery (the only hold-up was, they didn’t have a Presbytery Meeting between the time I was nominated and September).


Now that I’ve been officially elected, I seem to be the clerk for COM. I, again, PROVIDED minutes of the COM meeting. I’m happy to be able to contribute in that way since I’m not really that familiar with the churches and pastors in the Presbytery. I’ve also been assigned four churches to pray for and keep in contact with. I did go with the outgoing co-chair to visit the session of one of those churches whose pastor is leaving at the first of the year. We’ve started the ball rolling for them to eventually call a new pastor.

Tacoma held a Maritime Festival this month, and FTJ took the bus down. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the boats, visiting the Maritime Museum, and eating a little junk food from the food booth (I just had a turkey leg – so that wasn’t too bad.)


My beloved Oregon Ducks seem to be PROVIDING us with another spectacular season. They seem to be solidly in 2nd place so far, and #1 Florida State seems to be imploding. We can but hope!


I’m almost afraid to mention it, but the Cowboys may actually have a team this year. Time will tell.



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