Posted by: abbiewatters | November 20, 2014

Throw-back Thursday

X-Cousins - Copy

Here are the cousins gathered at Nanny and Gankie’s house. I think it must have been Thanksgiving/Christmas 1951 because Betty is a year old. That’s Mimi (age 7 1/2), Abbie (age 7), Anne (age 8-almost 9), Betty (age 1), and Harriet (age 3 1/2). It’s amazing to me that in all the pictures I have of us as children we never are wearing long sleeves or sweaters. Of course, we lived in the South, but I wonder if we weren’t cold sometimes. Anyway, I’m eternally grateful for all the good times and fun we had with our cousins, even though we lived many miles apart for most of the year and only met at vacations at my grandparents’ house.




  1. Oh, my gosh — I LOVE that picture! I remember Mama working so hard on our Christmas dresses; they were navy blue taffeta jumpers with red and white checked blouses. Like you, I wonder why we weren’t freezing. Texarkana in December is no Buffalo, but it’s not Miami either. And we did have such good times there. As a child, I thought Nannie and Gankie’s house was HUGE, but of course it wasn’t at all. I remember when we were all there Nannie bunked in with Gankie, your parents and mine had Nannie’s room and the guest room — where the heck did we children sleep? There was “the nursery” but it only had 2 beds. I do remember in the hot summertime we’d all sleep on pallets in the hall under the attic fan. And only ONE full bathroom! Never occurred to me that we were anywhere but the lap of luxury. My hope is that Wick will remember GaGa and PopPop and his times with us as I remember our times in Texarkana. Just read over this and realize I used the word “remember” multiple times. That’s what TBT will do for you!
    Much love, Anne


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