Posted by: abbiewatters | November 23, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude


I’m so thankful that a team that I support is finally not a loser (I have a bad habit of loving the losers and it’s really nice to pick a winner for once). The Oregon Ducks are champions of the PAC-12 (North Division) and win/lose/or draw next week against Oregon State Beavers they will represent the north in the PAC-12 Championship game on December 5th.  I’m could wax poetic about all the great stuff they are doing (including being #2 in the whole nation), but I thought I’d tell you why I’m totally their fan. Their quarterback, Marcus Mariota, is a fine young man – a student of the sciences who wants to “help other people” either in Sports Medicine or in Physical Rehabilitation. He’s carrying 20 credits this semester in addition to being the leader of his team. The other things I love about the Ducks is their play. They rely on quickness, speed, agility, and innovation instead of on brute strength and power. Personally, I dislike “smash-mouth” football that seems bent on seeing exactly how much one team can hurt the other team. They are also truly balanced, with lots of different players contributing to their success and no ONE player who has to carry the whole load for the team. Watch them play, and I think you’ll be won over. #GoDucks!


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