Posted by: abbiewatters | January 3, 2015


My one word for 2015 is “Honesty.”

I chose this word because I realize that I really struggle with being HONEST, mostly with myself.

After a year of dieting and trying very hard to keep an accurate count of the calories I eat, I admit that I am often tempted to just ignore little snacks that I go ahead and eat anyway. Or I minimize the amount that I am eating. Or I exaggerate the amount of exercise I’m doing. I need some accountability, I know, so I started another blog, Getting Serious about my Body. On it I try to faithfully report how many calories, carbs, fat, and proteins I’m eating, and how much exercise (in steps and strength workouts) I’m getting, and total weight loss. I’ll try not to bore you with any more reports this year on this blog.

My other reason for choosing this word is because I sometimes “pull my punches” when talking about my feelings. I realize this is counter-productive for me and for the folks I come in contact with. But in promising to be more HONEST, I also understand that this is not a great way to live in a society. I love the rules I found on another blog from a mother who is trying to teach her kids to be both HONEST and kind. She has given the kids instruction to be HONEST, but to apply a few filters as well. Ask yourself:

Filter #1: How would this make the other person feel? “What must the world be like from this person’s point of view?”
Filter #2: Some things don’t have to be said out loud. Some things we keep to ourselves because we’re being polite and kind and considerate.
Filter #3: We don’t comment on the appearance of others. How frustrating must it be for a person in a wheelchair to always be asked about being in a wheelchair? Instead of commenting on it, let’s talk about something else.
So here I am ready to begin 2015 with a new word to light my path. HONESTY




  1. Sometimes I think my honesty is a weakness. I, too, need to learn to harness it and use it for good and not harm. Best wishes to you, Abbie!


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