Posted by: abbiewatters | January 10, 2015


Today, I’m determined to get my daffodils planted. So, of course, I woke up and it was raining and 45 degrees. I’ve just about decided to just stick on the clothes I had on yesterday, eat breakfast, and go out and JUST DO IT! I’ll take my shower and warm up after I get the d*mned bulbs in the ground.

Yesterday, we went to the Mandolin Japanese Sushi and Steak House with the FTJ Lunch Bunch.


It was very tasty. The hibachi stir-frying was pretty typical, but entertaining. Big Al had the chicken and shrimp with vegetables, but I opted for a Beef Hot Stone Pot, which turned out to be a bed of rice covered with sautéed vegetables and topped with beef in a hot and spicy sauce – similar to a thick teriyaki, only not as sweet, and spicier. It was very tasty!

As soon as we got back, we scurried to the new writer’s class that JJ from Senior University is running. It’s just a writer’s roundtable – no real teacher – where we read our pieces and ask for criticism. Who knows how it will pan out, but it should be interesting. I’m probably going to be sharing what I write here on the blog. Some folks are interested in writing poetry, and that will be interesting, too. I’m much more visual, and need the crutch of a photo to pad out my prose. I really admire this blog. I don’t know who does it – pen name “seedbud” – but s/he inspires me daily with a photo and a haiku.

We were so full from lunch we didn’t even try to go to the monthly Duplex Social here at FTJ. I would have loved a glass of wine, but I don’t know where I would have put it. We did play bridge in the evening with our regular Friday evening bridge group.

The next three days will be filled with football and playoffs and much angst/rejoicing. We can’t escape Seahawk mania here in Tacoma, so I’ll give a nod to their game this afternoon.


Tomorrow, “da ‘Boys” will play in the frozen north at Green Bay. I’m devastated that it will be during Sunday School and Church. I’m really conflicted about where my tushy will be between 10:05 and 1:30 – Pacific Standard Time. Will it be in my favorite recliner in front of the TV? or will it be at Bethany Presbyterian Church in a pew? Stay tuned…


Then – on Monday evening – my beloved Ducks will play against Ohio State for the first College Football National Championship. GO DUCKS!!!


The biggest question is “What on earth am I going to think about after Monday night?”


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