Mama’s Birthday

Today was Mama’s birthday. She would have been 95 years old today. She died in November of 1997, though. Here are some pictures of her through the years.

Mama & Nannan

Here she is with HER grandmother, in 1921.

Mama - age 12

Here is her portrait from Junior High School (about 1932)


This is her college portrait (about 1940).

Mama and Me

Here she is with ME when I was about 3 months old (Fall of 1944)

The Greissers - Copy

Here she is with all the kids (Harriet, standing, Abbie on the arm of her chair, Betty on the little stool, and Billy on her lap). (Summer of 1956)Mama & Papa (7)Here she is with my father in 1974.

Mama and Papa

Here they are again in 1980.

Thanksgiving 1982

And here they are in 1982 after she lost a bunch of weight (I’m trying to do as well).

Mama & Papa

This is Mama and Papa in 1992 right after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Mama & Papa's 50th Wedding Anniversary (15)

This is the last picture I have of her at Mama and Papa’s 50th wedding anniversary party, in June of 1994.

I still miss her, particularly on days like today (her birthday), Mother’s Day, and June 24th (Papa’s and her wedding anniversary).

1 thought on “Mama’s Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to Boo. Surely one of the dearest people I’ve ever known. All the pix are great, but the one of you on her lap at age 3 months is a classic! I too miss my Mama (and Papa), and always will. I don’t know how folks who don’t believe that “we will meet on that beautiful shore in the sweet by and by” can ever come to terms with the loss of someone they love.
    Love, Anne


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