Posted by: abbiewatters | March 2, 2015


My one word for 2015 is “Honesty.”

Let’s see how I did with Honesty in February.

February began with the Super Bowl. We went to the gathering over in the Wellness Center to watch with the other folks from Independent Living. We had a good time. There were good eats (hot dogs, sliders, etc.), but the best part was a GREAT black bean and corn salsa! I just ate it with a spoon instead of putting it on tortilla chips.

Al and I continued the whole month with the Writer’s Block (a workshop to encourage creative writing). The last week of the month it morphed into a more formal fiction-writing class that will last through March. It was fun, and forced me to start writing deliberately again. I’m not sure how I’m going to do with fiction, but we shall see. I’m also trying to get a blog started at church that gets submissions from everybody.

We had a couple from church join us at the Chef’s Table, and got to know them better.


I’ve been very busy with meetings for Olympia Presbytery and for my work with the Commission on Ministry. I conducted two exit interviews (one with the pastor who was retiring, and one with the session of the church he was leaving.) We also had a meeting on the State of the Presbytery. Like many we are suffering from loss of membership and congregations, but we are at last trying to move forward with goal of starting 1001 New Worshipping Communities in the next three years.

Al and I reconnected with Joe Smith, a Lutheran pastor who lives nearby. We haven’t seen him since the summer after we moved here. He lives about 10 miles away, but life (both his and ours) got in our way. It was good to reconnect over lunch.

On the health front, I have finally been able to start losing weight again after a three-month plateau! 2 pounds in three months, and then, in the last two weeks, BAM! I lost 4 pounds. Go figure! I’m sure that my FitBit helped me get here.


That’s last week’s report, so I’m pleased. I also just got my “New Zealand” Badge which means I’ve walked 990 miles since I got the FitBit in August.

Also on the health front, my cholesterol blood test came back with great numbers, so…NO MORE STATINS! unless I mess up and start eating poorly again.

I’m in the middle of a photo-a-day series during Lent, so most of my pictures have been posted on those posts.

Not too much about HONESTY in this report, but I’m remembering my word, and trying to live my life in HONEST relationships.








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