The Meaning of Children: Father of Three

In May FDW is hosting a new series on  stories from people in all walks of life and their observations of children and what they make us. Click here for more on the series and a list of the contributors. This post was written by friend and colleague Adam Walker Cleaveland.

Sometimes when I introduce myself, or if someone asks me how many children I have, I like to say, “I’m the father of three, one living.”

Except for when I don’t. Except for when I don’t really want to get into it all.

“Is Caleb your only child?”

“Yes…” I say, as I remember holding Micah and Judah in my arms as their tiny lungs struggled to take in air. On October 25, 2010, my wife gave birth to Micah and Judah just shy of 20 weeks into our pregnancy. Micah was 10 ounces and Judah was 8 ounces.


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