Nearly Wordless Wednesday


When I went to church last night for a meeting, someone said “Thanks for sharing your flowers in honor of your 50th Anniversary with us on Sunday.” I didn’t even know about the flowers because I was so busy enjoying the kids that I didn’t go to church. They were from my sister-in-law, Marianne Watters, as a surprise! They are really beautiful, and quite a surprise!

(I hope this still qualifies as an “Almost Wordless Wednesday” because that’s how I’m posting it, even though the word count is rising steadily!)

(It’s MY BLOG, and I can post whatever I want, with as much words as I want, title it however I want!)

(…and that’s the truth!!!)




1 thought on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Hi, love… “and you are sticking with it….!!!” Just seemed like that ought to be the last words in this post!
    Congratulations again on the 50th~ I know very well how wonderful it felt to have the ‘gang’ all together. You’ll cherish the memory and pictures forevermore….
    Keep the notes and pictures coming! Sure am enjoying your new life out there with you!’
    Love….Ann (aka Annieoldgirl)


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