Throw-back Thursday

Boxes in the Kitchen

Three years ago we rolled into Tacoma, and began our new life at Franke Tobey Jones. The days of wall to wall boxes and falling over each other in the one-bedroom apartment have been over for long enough that they are barely a distant memory. This was a wonderful decision we made six years ago, and all the angst of selling and not selling the house, and travel, and packing, unpacking, etc. were well worth it.











Nearly Wordless Wednesday


When I went to church last night for a meeting, someone said “Thanks for sharing your flowers in honor of your 50th Anniversary with us on Sunday.” I didn’t even know about the flowers because I was so busy enjoying the kids that I didn’t go to church. They were from my sister-in-law, Marianne Watters, as a surprise! They are really beautiful, and quite a surprise!

(I hope this still qualifies as an “Almost Wordless Wednesday” because that’s how I’m posting it, even though the word count is rising steadily!)

(It’s MY BLOG, and I can post whatever I want, with as much words as I want, title it however I want!)

(…and that’s the truth!!!)