3 thoughts on “Franke’s Follies – 2015

  1. Hi, love…and how be ye? We’re just home from a 10 day trip up to see Kathy and our grandson David at Ft. Bragg…now just getting settled back home. This note just came in…and I am frustrated…..I can’t get into Stellar…seems like you have to have iTunes to access. then buy ITunes….and I bogged down there. I thought iTunes was free. I would love to see these pictures…help! Love …AOG


  2. Hi. Love…checking in…we just got home from a 10 day trip to see Kathy and our AF grandson David at Pope….and getting settled in for awhile.  I plan to post pictures on Facebook, but gotta clear a desk pile first.  This e-mail just came in when I turned on the PC…and now I am frustrated. I can’t get into Stellar!  Apparently you need iTunes,   I don’t do music online, so never put it in….is there any way I can see Stellar without all that?  Sure do enjoy  your pictures, so  I hate to miss any!  Glad you are enjoying all the action out there!  Keep on truckin’, love.  And maybe post a few pictures on the blog where I can see them!  If it ain’t too much trouble…. Love you…back later to check in! AOG


    • I don’t think you have to be on an Apple to view the posts in Steller. Just click on the word “Steller” in the body of the message (it is a hyper-link) and it should take you right there. I just checked it on Al’s computer as well as on my desktop (Dell Microsoft), and it works fine. Let me know if you’re still having problems. I know the site itself was having problems this morning (maintenance, I think) so give it another try.


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